bl4nk clothing is a brand that is positive, strong, confident and proud. bl4nk is whatever you want it to be. The logo is just an icon for you to insert in its place the feeling or desire you need it to be. It is an emblem to remind you that you can achieve anything you want, as long as you stay committed and give it a go in the first instance. Push through any struggles you may be experiencing, focus on the positives no matter what and continue to work hard.

I started designing and establishing the brand in 2017 because I grew tired of the designs that were already out there and wanted to wear a brand that was uplifting in what it stood for and also had designs that were unique - we still want to look good of course. The fit of t-shirts available on the market wasn't desirable and the quality of the prints wasn't either, I just found myself struggling to find a good meaningful brand that would tick the boxes for me. I want my customers to have an exciting experience from shopping on the bl4nk website, having their purchases delivered in high quality packaging and then enjoying a product that provides a high level of finish in both fit and design.

BeLieve 4 No-one Knows


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